White Horse inn Kagura

Guest Room
for Skiers
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WhiteHorseInn Kagura
Phone : 025-788-9121
Faxspace.gif: 025-788-9122
723-2 Mitsumata
Miami uonuma-Gun
Niigata Japan
POST: 949-6211
WhiteHorseInn Kagura
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area guide Expansion map / WHITE HORSE INN
Road MAP
area guide Expension map / WHITE HORSE INN

Ropeway Station

Echigo Yuzawa
Local Bus Station

Access by Car

"White Horse" is located on the National Highway Route 17, making it very easy to locate. Keep driving (9km) on Route 17 from the Yuzawa interchange .


1. Get off Kanetsu Highway at Yuzawa Inter Change
·Tokyo Nerima IC <---> Yuzawa IC(about 2 hour )
·Niigata IC <---> Yuzawa IC(about 1 hour and half)

2. Drive about 9km from Yuzawa IC on National Highway 17(about 10 minutes)

Access by Train

Take the 'Jyoetsu Shinkansen', and get off at Echigo Yuzawa train station. Then take the shuttle bus or the local bus to White Horse Hotel.


1.Jyoetsu Shinkansen
·Tokyo station <---> Echigo Yuzawa station (about 1 hour and 20 minutes) ·Niigata station <---> Echigo Yuzawa station (about 1 hour)

@Local Bus (about 15 minutes)
·East exit Yuzawa station <---> "Kagura/Mitsumata Ski-jyo mae"
noteFFind the bus for "Naeba"
Attention !! There are 3 bus stops in Mitsumata area.

Bus (Yuzawa Station to Mitsumata) :Time Table

MAP of Yuzawa-Mitsumata
Try the Driving Simulation !

Drive Kanetsu Highway(Tokyo Nerima<-->Nigata) --> Get off the Yuzawa IC
-> Turn Left the first signal (National Route 17)
-> Be careful the few curves ! Through the few Tunnels
-> into Mitsumata Village area
-> South of the village on Route 17 , you see the Gondola Station on the right hand
-> Pass the Gondola Station for 100m, and you see the white house on the Left hand, it's "White Horse inn Kagura"!

On your right hand, there is our Guest Parking. Thanks for taking your time.

Please feel free to call us for more information and making reservations!
Could you speak slowly?? Thank you.
TELF025-788-9121(White Horse Inn Kagura)