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WhiteHorseInn Kagura
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WhiteHorseInn Kagura
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Hello !! Everybody !!
Welcome to the beautiful range of mountains, 2000 meters above sea level. The Naeba and Kagura mountain range stretch across to the Tanigawa range. Covered by powdered snow, this is the season of glamour and brightness. With heights of 1000 to 1800 meters, the Kagura, Mitsumata and Tashiro ski slopes are a delightful view! Snowfall comes here first bringing along several skiers and snowboarders. The real thrill is the amazing natural, rugged mountain scenery. This has always made a lasting impresstion on our guests. With 23 years of consistently satisfactory service to our august guests, we look forward to providing you with a similar treat this year. The ski slope is opened from November 22.

WHAT is 'White Horse inn Kagura'?

Relax with a hot cup of coffee at the lobby after skiing - free!!

Free Service
Our front desk opens at 8:00am. Our parking is opened 24 hours a day. Customers are welcome to use it even before cheking in or after checking out. Besides, we have a dressing room for your convenience .
 Check in : 3:00pm
Guests can check in earlier than the usual check in time if the rooms are ready. iWe make no extra charges for this service.j
Check out : 10:00am
Discount tickets for sale !
We are on sale one-day ski coupon to our guests, which can be used in Kagura, Mitsumata and Tashiro ski slope .
Two day ticket is available for Naeba Area too

Important for the Meals

There is not a restaurant to eat supper in our village.

It is 15 minutes with the taxi to the city which has a restaurant.

The cost of the taxi is about 3500 yen.

AtenttionNo available for Electric heater. Gas fittings in the Hotel and Room.
There are no stores, such as a convenience store, in near. A store takes 10 to 15 minutes by car.

White Horse is  3 minutes walking distance to the gondola station. It is the great location to go skiing or snowboarding !
White Horse is 65 meters long, built in western style with three floors. We offer different types of rooms: for couples, groups and families... We have rooms which are fitted with bathrooms for your convenience and privacy! Our cozy restaurant has a capacity for 50 guests. We encourage our guests to relax here and enjoy their meals. We serve original full course dinners that match with wine well.
Our parking has a capacity for 50 cars and it is constructed to cope with the snow. Guest parking is open 24 hours for our guests.
We provide a ski room, a storage room, dressing room and lounge for our guests. Lounge services are available to all guests even after checking out.
 Enjoy Kaidou no Yu, a popular
Mitsumata hot spring : named Kaidou-no-yu. (10 minutes walk. The map is available...go to Access)

Please feel free to call us for more information and making reservations!
Could you speak slowly?? Thank you.
025-788-9121(White Horse Inn Kagura)