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* area guide  Map of the hotel

Live camere
* Niigata Live Camera
Live camere from Niigata Prefecture.Let's click at camera mark where you want to watch on Live View. You can chick
High way, Route 17 and others condition.
White Horse Inn  is located in the south in a [
中越] area. And camera mark [みつまた] is from from a window of White Horse Inn Kagura.
Ski Slope· Snowfalls· Weather Report
*Cyber Weather World
weather reports for each ski slope. You can see pictures of the Himawari Satellite.

Highway Driving Conditions in Winter
*Highway Information Center for Yuzawa and Shiozawa
Drivers should check this page before departure. It contains reports about the latest road conditions including traffic jams on the Kanetsu Express way and the national route 17 for every 1 to 2 hours.   Better to check here before leaving for drivers!

Sightseeing Information
*Yuzawa city Homepage
Very easy to check the information about ski slopes. Other useful information include hot springs in Yuzawa, mountain climbing, camping, etc.

Please feel free to call us for more information and making reservations!
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TEL:025-788-9121(White Horse Inn Kagura)