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Discount tickets for sale !
We are on sale one ,two,or half - day discount ski tickets to our guests,which can be used in Kagura, Mitsumata and Tashiro ski slope .
Two day ticket is availble for Naeba Area too

Important for the Meals

  Here our village  is no restaurant, food shop, and supper market ..

   It is 15 minuts by the taxi to the city which are  restaurants.

   The cost of the taxi is about 3500 yen.

TEL 025-788-9121
Wonderful discount charge for Winter night stay  
Could you speak   slowly and simple ward. 

  2015-2016 Ski season  Price
A reservation receptionist is from November.


For 1 Person /night

no meal 

The day before of the holiday, festival day/person

no meal


We can not provide breakfast and dinner i
The neighborhood does not have the restaurant.
Therefore, please go to the town whether you bring breakfast or dinner.
It is 15 minutes by car to the town.

Discount tickets for sale

half day 3100yen

weekday 1day 3600yen

weekday 2day 6900 yen

holiday,staday,sunday 1 day 3800yen

2 day 7200yen


We have rental Ski & Snowbord Set

one day 3000 Yen,

v/B Japanese 
Tatami room
for 3 or 4persons


5.400 yen


v/B Western style
for 2 persons  

7.000 yen

5.800 yen


The front: 7:30 opening

Hotel parking lot: Free of charge
A refrigerator, the microwave oven are set up by the rest room

We accept only cash for the final payment. at front desk..

The extra charge in the end of year and new year's

from 29, 30, 31 December, and  1, 2, 8, 9, January, 11,12 February

It is 1.000 yen increased.

We sale Weekday and Weekend Discount Ski ticket at front disk for The Guest

The abbreviation explanation

      *v/B :The bath is in the guest room. "with bath rooms are more comfortable".

There will be no cancellation fee if contacted 8 days prior your reservation.
If  contacted before 7 days.- 4 days before these a 5000yen per person / night for the amount of the full stay.
3 days before to the actual date, we ask 80% ,per person / night  for the amount of the full stay fee.
In case of a change in the Date and Number of person, please be aware that there is a chance your stay fee increment or reservation may be canceled. Thank you.

TELF025-788-9121(White Horse Inn Kagura)
Zip : 949-6211. Adress : Mitumata Yuzawamati Minami uonuma-Gun Niigata-Ken.